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KUNIMINE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. is engaged in the mining, manufacturing, and selling of bentonite as precious underground mineral resource, and also our clay sciences business that promotes research and development in the fields of fine chemicals, agribusiness, life science, and cosmetics. We continue to create future needs and provide new value for customers through solid technological capabilities and tireless research and development.

Business introduction chart

Clay Sciences Business

With regard to our clay sciences business, our declared mission statement is "Create sustainable value from precious underground mineral resources, and return that value to a society that is friendly both to people and to the environment and enables them to coexist in harmony" by further exploring the science of clay materials (clay) that we mainly handle according to the company’s concept “Explore the science of materials.” We endeavor to expand each of our current fields, which are fine chemicals, agribusiness, and life science, and to create new businesses.

Bentonite Business

We process clay minerals composed mainly of montmorillonite, and utilize their characteristics, such as their swelling and thickening properties, to develop various business fields.


About Us

KUNIMINE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. is committed to promoting research and development in pursuit of new applications by exploring the science of clay with the mining, processing, and selling of bentonite as our main business. Here we introduce basic knowledge about bentonite, which is the core of our business, as well as our products and technologies that support people’s daily lives.

Abount Bentonite

Bentonite is a kind of clay utilized in various industrial fields. Here, we provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the properties of bentonite and its main ingredient, montmorillonite.

Our Business Activities

Bentonite is called a clay with 1,000 uses. The materials and products we mine, process, and sell support people’s daily lives.

Research & Development

We develop and propose products by placing the utmost importance on resolving the issues with our customers. We promote the development of new applications by combining core and sub-technologies that take advantage of the properties of clay.

Purification and Synthesis Technology

Introduction to our products, KUNIPIA and SUMECTON. KUNIPIA is a high-purity material by removing impurities from natural bentonite. SUMECTON is clay produced by chemical synthesis.



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