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Growth-promoting fertilizers

Summary of uses

This product is a natural growth-promoting fertilizer containing oxidized glutathione, and you can expect from it effects on plants and trees, such as cedar, cypress, and larch.
In recent years, there has been a growing sense of crisis over imported timber against the backdrop of the so-called wood shock, which refers to the sharp rise in timber prices, and the depreciation of the yen. In addition, under this circumstance, domestic forestry is receiving a lot of attention, and reducing costs in domestic forestry is a major issue. Reduced raising periods of container seedlings and other seedlings can be expected from the use of this product, and this product can also contribute to reducing costs in forestry by shielding sunlight on weeds with its growth-promoting effect after planting, thereby reducing the number of undercuts.
We believe that with this product, we can contribute to revitalizing domestic forestry and securing sustainable forest resources.
In addition, since this product is expected to have an effect on agricultural products in general, we consider it possible that it will also contribute to improving the productivity of domestic farm products in the future.

Directions for use

Examples of use: Cedar, cypress, larch

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Fertilization Fertilization method Amount of fertilizer to be applied Remarks
When raising seedlings The fertilizer is placed in the planting holes when plug seedlings are transplanted. Per seedling: 0.5 to 1.0 g 40-hole container: 150 cc
At planting The fertilizer is placed in the planting holes for planting. Per seedling: 15 to 20 g Seedling height at planting: Approx. 30 cm
(1 year from seeding)
  • Place the fertilizer directly under the roots of the plants. Fertilizer burn will not occur.
  • Apply the fertilizer after the roots have begun to grow.

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Product name Form
KUNIMINE "Peption®" Granules