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Clay Sciences Business


Fine Chemicals

Besides high-functionality products, including the refined bentonite KUNIPIA, which is produced by enhancing its main ingredient, montmorillonite, and the synthetic smectite SUMECTON having high thixotropy and transparency, we manufacture and sell other products, such as environmental preservation treatment agents, which are used in exhaust gas treatment processes at waste incineration plants. Because of their high thickening properties and many other functional characteristics, our functional clay materials are used in a wide range of industrial fields and are indispensable for people’s daily lives. We will further strive to realize the vision “Discover unknown attractive qualities of clay and change the world with the power of clay.”



We contribute to the stable supply of food through contracted processing of agrochemical granules utilizing granulation processing technology accumulated over many years, as well as the manufacturing, processing, and selling of bases for agrochemicals, agrochemical carriers, and so on. Furthermore, our products including growth promoters for crops and trees meet diverse needs in the field of agriculture.


Life Sciences

In this field, we position life as a business sector and are pursuing new potentialities of clay. Clay is also used for stockbreeding, aquaculture, and other familiar applications, such as food scum removal.



Our KUNIPIA series products are manufactured by processing natural clay minerals using a process that complies with the COSMOS standard, and is certified as COSMOS APPROVED. Since our process is recognized as a clean processing and manufacturing method friendly to human health and the environment, the KUNIPIA series can be safely used for things that touch the skin.

Bentonite Business



Casting molds for manufacturing castings to be used as parts for automobiles and industrial machinery are made by forming green sand in which bentonite is used as a caking additive. We propose products that have kneading and heat resistance characteristics fit for each user’s plant equipment and production items, and provide solutions for the formed and fabricated materials industry through systemized field management technology.


Civil Engineering and Construction / Boring

The earth drill method for fabricating cast-in-place concrete piles forms a mud film layer on borehole walls with slurry that uses bentonite mud to suppress lost circulation of mud due to infiltration into the ground and thereby prevent the borehole wall collapse. This technology is used also for drilling wells for geothermal power generation, which is a kind of renewable energy, and for boring methods for offshore resource development surveys. Our water sealing material series represented by KUNISEAL and KUNISHEET, which take advantage of the water sealing property of bentonite, are used as waterproof materials mainly for construction joints in underground concrete structures.


Waste Disposal

Bentonite’s burden on the environment is low, so it is not only used as a material for improving soil-based water sealing work methods for controlled type final disposal sites but also studied as a soil-based artificial barrier for radioactive waste disposal sites, thereby contributing to solving global environmental problems.



Our toilet sand for pets, which utilizes the high water absorption and caking properties of bentonite, is one of the most familiar bentonite products. Our toilet sand products for pets include a pellet type, which is the main toilet sand for pets, that considerably reduces sand spillage and dust generation, an extremely cost effective crushed type, and a granular type for cats, which is the closest to natural sand and solidifies into small lumps when wet. Our products make living with pets more comfortable and create healing and smiles in society.