Agriculture - Agrochemical Carriers (Base)

Summary of uses

Active ingredients contained in agrochemicals produce an effect in small amounts.
In order to apply small amounts of active ingredients efficiently over a large farm, they must be applied in a diluted form.
Generally, because of ease of granulation, bentonite and other inorganic materials are used as carriers for granular agrochemicals, and play a part in securing the safety of agrochemicals and reducing their environmental impact.
As agrochemical carriers, various inorganic materials are used since they are expected to make agrochemicals lighter and produce a sustained-release effect.


Carriers for granular formulations

We mainly provide bentonite for carriers for granular agrochemicals.
Generally, a carrier is used mainly as an extender (or to dilute active ingredients), but bentonite blends right in water and is easy to granulate, and can be expected to produce a sustained-release effect.

Carriers for fine-grain agrochemicals

Some agrochemicals take a form called fine-grain agent F. The Clay Fine Grain Agent series is natural mineral-based fine-grain base materials granulated to a size range of 180 to 710 µm, the criterion of fine-grain agent F.
By impregnating the carrier with various active ingredients, agrochemicals can be made.

Product lineup

Product name Form Category
KUNIGEL V1 Powder Bentonite
KUNIGEL V2 Powder Bentonite
KUNIBOND Powder Bentonite
NEO-KUNIBOND Powder Bentonite
SADO Powder Bentonite
TENRYU Powder Bentonite