Fine Chemicals - Paint / Ink

Summary of uses

Cray (smectite), which has excellent swelling and thickening properties and thixotropy, is used as a thickening and gelling agent in a wide range of products including water-based paints and inks. Clay consists of completely inorganic colloid particles and thus is hardly susceptible to microbial decomposition or degradation due to temperature changes.
We provide refined bentonite as the KUNIPIA Series, and synthetic smectite that is highly transparent when dispersed in water as the SUMECTON Series. These products are used in various kinds of paint to improve their film-forming property and spreadability and to prevent dripping.

Expected effects

Prevention of settling and dripping

Our products can be used in paint or ink to prevent it from dripping or the pigment from settling or as a viscosity stabilizer.

Recommended products
Water based KUNIPIA Series, SUMECTON Series
Solvent based KUNIVIS Series, SUMECTON Series(Organized)

Prevention of settling and dripping

Improvement in spinnability

Our products can be used in combination with sodium polyacrylate, CMC, or other water-soluble organic polymers to reduce their spinnability and fine-tune their fluidity.

Recommended products
Water based KUNIPIA Series, SUMECTON Series
Solvent based KUNIVIS Series

Improvement in gas barrier property

By taking advantage of the clay's flat plate-shaped crystal structure with a large aspect ratio, the flame resistance and gas barrier performance of paint or ink can be improved. There are high expectations for clay as a functional additive that provides new effects.

Recommended products KUNIPIA Series、SUMECTON Series

AFM image of montmorillonite

Product lineup

Product name Category
KUNIPIA-F Refined bentonite
KUNIPIA-G Refined bentonite
KUNIPIA-G4 Refined bentonite
SUMECTON-SA Synthetic saponite
SUMECTON-SWN Synthetic hectorite
SUMECTON-SWF Synthetic hectorite
KUNIVIS-110 Organic bentonite
KUNIVIS-127 Organic bentonite
MOISTNITE-WO Organic bentonite
SUMECTON-SAN Organic synthetic hectorite
SUMECTON-STN Organic synthetic hectorite
SUMECTON-SEN Organic synthetic hectorite