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Feed additives

Summary of uses

In the field of feed additives, our bentonite has the added value of adsorbing protein toxins in addition to the function that adsorbs mycotoxins, and by using it as a feed additive, we respond to the shift in needs from individual treatment to preventive medicine, which is the mainstream in the livestock industry. Providing these products for producers is expected to reduce the burden on livestock and the environment, such as by reducing heavy metals widely used in feed in pig farming. At present, we are replacing metallic components with life-friendly bentonite to reduce the burden on the environment.
In the field of beef and dairy cattle, it has also been proven to be effective in reducing the remaining feed rate and in mitigating weight loss during the hot season, and is expected to improve meat grades and increase milk production.

Directions for use

〇 Add 0.2 to 0.4% of the additive to the compound feed, and feed it to livestock.
By using an additive as upstream of the breeding stage as possible, it can be expected that productivity at the time of shipment will increase.

〇 Add 40 to 80 g per animal a day to rice straw and silage.
You can knead the additive into feed beforehand or put it over feed. It improves palatability, resulting in the reduction of the amount of remaining feed and an increase in appetite.

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