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Food additives

Summary of uses

In the field of food additives, one of the typical applications of our bentonite is to remove lees from wine. The process removing of lees for purifying wine is called collage, which has long been performed as part of the winemaking process. Collage using bentonite is also performed in famous wine production regions and by major food and beverage manufacturers, and utilized in our daily lives.
If bentonite is used as a lees remover, the following reaction is probably occurring in the wine: Bentonite is dispersed in the wine, and then reacts with the protein contained in the wine, and an agglomeration reaction consequently occurs. In this state, protein of a specific size is removed . This protein adsorption action of bentonite helps remove impurities that cause the wine to become cloudy. We have also accumulated knowledge about, for example, at what stage in the manufacturing process this product should be used and how much should be added.
This product is used not only for wine but also in a wide range of fields, such as Japanese sake, mirin (sweet sake for seasoning and cooking), and soy sauce, and it is also compatible with different substances to be adsorbed in alcohol beverages.

Directions for use

Basically, we recommend an addition of 0.1 to 0.2%.
However, since the stage of addition and the amount to be added differ between alcohol beverages, we recommend that you ask us in advance how to use it.

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