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Measures against red tides

Summary of uses

Our red tide control agent KUNIBOND RT is very effective for controlling red tide. Conventional methods required the mixing of alum into the adsorbent (clay) and took time to determine the amount of alum to be added. This product makes this work no longer necessary as the alum is mixed in advance.
Furthermore, the action mechanism takes place in two major steps: Plankton is exterminated by alum → Bentonite is adsorbed to the exterminated plankton and increases the sedimentation velocity (the growth of zooplankton and the formation of anoxic layers are prevented). This action mechanism functions well in the sea.
As introduced in the catalog shown below, KUNIBOND RT is also proven to be effective against Karenia mikimotoi, Chattonella antiqua, and Chattonella marina.

Directions for use

The recommended spray concentration is 1,000 ppm. Prepare a diluent with seawater or tap water in advance, and spray it directly over the area where red tide occurs.
The moment it is sprayed over the surface of the sea, its concentration reduces to 1/2. For this reason, dilute the product to a slightly higher concentration level (2,000 to 4,000 ppm) when preparing a diluent, and spray it to ensure its effect.

  • Since this product already contains alum, do not spray it in such a manner that it directly contacts fish.
  • When using this product for the first time, it is also necessary to check it with the nearest fisheries experiment station and other relevant facilities.
    Thus, we advise you to contact us in advance.

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