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Casting Sand Analysis

Summary of uses

Conducting silica anaiysis

Conducting silica anaiysis

After a metal is poured into a green sand mold, it is destroyed to remove the casting. After that, approx. 95% of the green sand is recovered and then reused by adding silica sand, bentonite, water, or other components as needed and kneading the mixture. Thus, green sand repeats the cycle of mixing and kneading, mold making, casting (pouring a molten metal into the mold), destroying the mold, and recovery by cooling. During this cycle, green sand undergoes compositional changes under the influence of heat produced by casting and mechanical friction.
In using green sand and controlling its quality, it is important to know its compositional changes. The special analytical method to know the composition of green sand is called a silica program.

Silica program analysis

Silica program anaiysis

Silica program and other analyses

We have had a permanent analysis team for more than 30 years, and served customers' needs for that time.

Analysis items

Silica program (active clay content, carbonaceous components, metal content, inactive fine powder, oolitics, quartz)
Ig-Loss, total clay content, particle size distribution, residual starch ratio, chemical composition (XRF), mineral composition (XRD), etc.

Analysis target

Green sand, silica sand (new sand), reconditioned sand, core sand (RCS), dust produced from circulation of green sand, etc.

  • Not all items mentioned above can be analyzed for all these subjects of analysis.

Sale of testers for controlling green sand

Kunitester AGC

Green sand strength tesster

We deal in various kinds of testers and reagents that are essential for controlling green sand in casting production sites.

Lineup of principal products

KUNITESTER AGC (green sand strength tester), CB measuring device, infrared aquameter, test cylinders, methylene blue solution for active clay measurement, etc.

Courses for green sand engineers

State of the seminar

We hold courses that help foster those who control green sand. So far, more than 1,000 people have attended our courses.
The curriculum consists of lectures and practical training aimed at acquiring basic knowledge of green sand, and provides the best place for training those assigned to control green sand for the first time and new employees.

Major components of the curriculum

  • Basic properties of materials that constitute casting sand.
  • Field control by a silica program, etc.
[Practical training]
  • Property tests for kneaded sand, etc.
  • We provide these courses for a fee.



Please tell me about the weight of sand and the analysis period required to analyze casting sand.


The reference weight of sand required for analysis is approximately 100 g. The reference period of analysis is ten business days after the arrival of samples to us.


I want to buy test equipment for the purpose of managing casting sand, but I do not know what to buy.


After accessing your request, we will propose the most suitable test equipment.
We will also provide technical guidance for personnel in charge of tests if you desire.


When and where are courses for green sand management engineers held?


Courses are held at our Kuroiso Laboratory for three days every three or four months (generally scheduled for June, September, and December).