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Heavy metal suppressors

Summary of uses

Much of the dust collected in the foundry is transported to a final disposal site as industrial waste and landfilled for disposal.
In recent years, however, the construction of some new disposal sites has been postponed or reviewed in light of coexistence with local communities, and it has been difficult to prepare land for them. The amount of dust collected from the foundry is a large part of the waste, and it is said to be one of the factors that hasten the scheduled completion of disposal site landfill.
The dust collected from the foundry is forwarded to a reprocessing plant to be reused as roadbed materials and raw materials for cement. However, there is a concern that the heavy metals contained in the collected dust may elute when the dust is received at the reprocessing plant, and measures against the elution of fluorine in particular have become a major issue. No. 46 of the Environmental Quality Standards for Soil Pollution, which were established as standards desirable to be maintained in order to protect human health and preserve the living environment, requires that the concentration of fluoride eluted from the soil into groundwater be 0.8 mg/L or less.
If fluorine and other heavy metals eluted from collected dust can be suppressed, the recycling of collected dust will also become established, and the use of collected dust as a sustainable recycled resource will help extend the life of the final disposal site. We are also committed to improvements toward zero emissions of the foundry through our systematic field management technology.


Phase 1: Investigation

Investigation and elution test of slag

Elution test of additives at each added amount

Determination of compounding

*  The test expenses will be quoted separately.

Phase 2: Field test

Study on the method of kneading slag and KUNIFORCE EC

Kneading test at the plant
Elution test

Resumption of disposal after compounding

Product lineup


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Product name Ingredient (in %) Appearance Bulk specific gravity (g/ml) As (arsenic) (mg-As/L)
KUNIFORCE ADK-1 Al2O3(13.07) CaO(58.11)
White powder 0.70~0.85 0.01 or less
(Atomic absorption spectrophotometry)
  • Please note that the physical property values shown above are subject to change.


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Product name Ingredient Powder residue (600 μm) Powder residue (150 μm) Calcium oxide (CaO)
KUNIFORCE ADK-1 Raw material mainly composed of calcium hydroxide Shared 5% or less 71.0% or more
  • In compliance with JIS R 9011
  • Apparent specific gravity: 0.40±0.1 g/cm³ *Not a standard value