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We integrate clay, which is a blessing of nature, with technology in the hope that products safely applicable to the skin will be delivered to people all over the world.

"Innovation by Clay Science"
Introducing a clay, which has 1,000 applications, to the field of cosmetics We continue to take on the challenge of beauty.

Clay (smectite) has long been used in various cosmetics. Clay has been attracting attention mainly as a thickener with high safety and stability, but it is adopted for a wide variety of products as a raw material that assumes an important function for cosmetics.
In recent years, the need for synthetic clay with high thixotropy and transparency has also been increasing, and inorganic materials are drawing more and more attention.

Expected effects

Thickening effect

Our products provide a high thickening effect. They are used in many cosmetics because they are highly pure and feel good to the touch. Compared to organic materials, such as CMC, they feel good to the touch and have another great characteristic of being less prone to germs.


Clay adsorbs sebum and pore dirt on the skin surface, leading to an improvement in toning and darkening of the skin.
Bentonite products are formulated into clay packs and clay facial washes.

Emulsion stabilization

Smectite holds oil in it, exists on the interface, and stabilizes the emulsion structure. In addition, it can be expected to reduce the amount of the surfactant and irritation.

Filming effect

By forming a clay film on the skin surface, fine wrinkles and pores become less noticeable.

Moisturizing effect

The soft, thin sheet-like structure of smectite covers up skin moisture to enhance the moisturizing effect. Since it is less sticky than oil-based raw materials and organic thickeners, it provides a comfortable moisturizing feel even for a long time and improves the feel of cosmetics use.

Tactile improvement

Spreading a film of clay provides a smooth feel without stringiness.

Recommended products

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Product name Facial wash Toner Pack Serum Cream Foundation UV cream Eyeliner Mascara Shampoo Conditioner Bath salt Toothpaste
KUNIPIA-F ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W)
KUNIPIA-G ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W)
KUNIPIA-G4 ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W)
SUMECTON-SA ◎ (O/W) ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W)          
SUMECTON-SWN ◎ (O/W) ○ (O/W) ○ (O/W)          
MOISTNITE-WO         ○ (W/O) ○ (W/O) ○ (W/O)        
SUMECTON-SAN-P         ◎ (W/O) ○ (W/O) ○ (W/O)        
  • ◎: Highly recommended, 〇: Recommended
  • O/W type: Oil-in-water type, W/O type: Water-in-oil type
  • You can also examine formulations not listed here. If you have any inquiries, send the inquiry form.



Is bentonite a kind of clay?


Bentonite is the name of rock. It is a kind of clay consisting mainly of montmorillonite.

Diagram of types of clay

Are there any ingredients that have good compatibility?


Bentonite is highly compatible with polyalcohol ingredients, such as butylene glycol and glycerin, and mixing them with clay improves the thickening effect and the moisturizing feel.


Please tell me about the safety of bentonite.


It complies with the Japanese Standards of Quasi-drug Ingredients 2021 of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and is a substance safe and secure for the human body. Bentonite is an inorganic substance and does not decay itself.


Are there any products that can be dispersed in oil?


MOISTNITE-WO and SUMECTON-SAN-P that have been organically treated are available. They can be dispersed in oil and provide W/O type foundations and sunscreens with a thickening property and ensure stable emulsification.




Foundation containing Sumecton-SAN-P


Please let us know any other interesting usages of bentonite.


It is used for toothpastes because of its adsorption effect. Since bentonite has a protein adsorption effect, it can absorb the pigments of tobaccos, coffee, wine, and so on and help maintain natural white teeth. It is also used for hand creams and creams for skin care around the eyes that are smooth and less sticky. It is a raw material used not only for thickening but also for improving the sensation of use.