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Summary of uses

Clay (smectite) has been used previously in various cosmetics. It has attracted attention mainly as a safe, stable thickener. Apart from its thickening effect, it has also been used in many cosmetics as a raw material that serves an important function. With growing needs for highly thixotropic, transparent synthetic clay, increasing attention is being placed on inorganic raw materials.

Expected effects

Moisturizing effect

One of the important properties required of cosmetics is a moisturizing effect. Conventionally, a moisturizing effect has been obtained from the coating effect of an oil-based raw material. On the other hand, bentonite increases the moisturizing effect of a cosmetic by retaining much water due to its coating effect produced by its high aspect ratio, and helps keep skin moisturized and comfortable for long hours with no sticky feeling as experienced with an oil-based raw material.

Moisturizing effect
Recommended products KUNIPIA-F, KUNIPIA-G
Relationship between water content in skin keratin and time elapsed

Emulsion stabilization

Increasing the stability of a product by adding bentonite helps reduce surfactant use and make it less irritative. In addition, the coating effect of bentonite also protects the skin from irritation.

Recommended products KUNIPIA Series
Recommended products KUNIPIA Series

Thickening effect

Our products provide a high thickening effect. Because of high purity and a good texture, they are used in many cosmetics. Compared to CMC and other organic substances, our products have a better texture and are less susceptible to development of bacteria, another major characteristic.

Thickening effect
Recommended products KUNIPIA-G10, SUMECTON Series
Relations between viscosity and solid content concentration of refined bentonite (KUNIPIA)


Yet another characteristic of bentonite is that it has an adsorptive effect. Extra sebum or dirt on the skin caught by the clay can be easily rinsed off with water. Fine particles of the clay go deep down into the skin pores and effectively remove dirt. It is suitable for use in cosmetics designed to condition skin.

Recommended products KUNIPIA Series
Recommended products KUNIPIA Series

Product lineup

Product name Category INCI name
KUNIPIA-F Refined bentonite Bentonite
KUNIPIA-G Refined bentonite Bentonite
KUNIPIA-G4 Refined bentonite Bentonite
SUMECTON-SA Synthetic saponite Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
SUMECTON-SWN Synthetic hectorite Sodium Magnesium Silicate
MOISTNITE-WO Organic bentonite Quaternium-18 Bentonite
SUMECTON-SAN-P Organic synthetic hectorite Quaternium-18 Hectorite
MOISTNITE-S Bentonite Bentonite