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Soil Improvement

Summary of uses

Bentonite is used in paddy fields to protect against degradation or to prevent water leakage. Bentonite is inorganic and thus does not become rotten. In addition, it makes fertilizers effective longer, increases water and ground temperatures, and produces other soil improvement effects. With its great superiority in swelling property, viscosity, and adsorption effect over other materials, bentonite can reduce the amount of earth brought from other places and mixed for soil improvement, improve fields' water retention capacity, and prevent fertilizer components from running off.

Areas where the characteristics and effects of bentonite can be expected to work


It is known that allowing paddy field rice to absorb silicic acid contained in bentonite increases its lodging resistance and promotes its growth.

Chemical composition of bentnite(KUNIGEL V1)

Chemical composition of bentnite(KUNIGEL V1)

Areas where the effects of bentonite can be expected to work

  • Degraded fields (soil where significant eluviation of clay, iron, and other nutrients is found)
  • Paddy fields with poor harvest (fields where rice ears form but do not grow)
  • Sandy fields
  • Volcanic ash fields

Directions for use

The amount used depends on the type of soil and the degree of water leakage, but we recommend you use 40 to 100 kg per are.

  1. Mixing with surface soil: Mix bentonite well with soil or fertilizers (chemical fertilizers, mixed fertilizers, etc.) and apply the mixture over the surface evenly.
  2. Applying in a layer: Lay bentonite or soil mixed with bentonite between the surface soil and subsoil (about 30 cm below the surface soil) in a layer form.

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Please tell me about the water leakage control mechanism.


The high water sealing performance of bentonite improves the water retention of paddy fields. For paddy fields that are sandy or clayish but become hard when dry, and have many gaps and poor water retention, mix bentonite. It will swell and absorb water, become gelled, fill the gaps, and form an impermeable film.