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Message from the President / Management Philosophy

Cairperson Yasuhiko Kunimine&President Daisuke Seto

Since its foundation in 1943, the KUNIMINE GROUP has operated in various industrial fields including automobiles, industrial machinery, construction, petroleum, agrochemicals, and products for pets based on mining, manufacture and sale of bentonite, a precious underground resource, and grown to a leading company in the industry. We were able to do this only because of the support and patronage of our customers and business partners.

By taking advantage of bentonite, an environmentally friendly, precious resource, and knowledge and technologies accumulated for many years, we have developed KUNIPIA, refined bentonite, as the anchor product in the chemical products business, and other unique products, and granulation and other technologies for making agrochemical formulations in the agribusiness, amid accelerated worldwide trends toward international standardization.

With the progress of globalization and the spread of IoT, the business environment is expected to see rapid changes in the future. Based on its management philosophy, the KUNIMINE GROUP will continue to pursue innovations and create future needs with further strengthening of international competitiveness in mind in order to provide customers with new values, while achieving continuous development of the Group and improving the company's value.

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated.

Cairperson Yasuhiko Kunimine President Daisuke Seto

Management philosophy

In modern days, the term "Keizai," the Japanese word for the economy, is used commonly, but it is short for "Keiseisaimin" and means helping people by popularizing "Kyo" (expression of Buddhist doctrines) and "Ron" (logical description of Kyo) of the Buddhist scriptures. Based on this profound Eastern ideology, we contribute to society from an economic perspective and thereby to the nation's prosperity. Thus, we must lead the pack in providing products and services that benefit society, and developing personal quality received by society. To do this, we intend to be an organization that respects individual employees' autonomy or initiatives and continues to promote self-transformation toward innovation, and to build the KUNIMINE brand as the world's leading product manufacturer by making maximum use of natural blessings.