Others - Contracted Development

Summary of uses

Our laboratories have various kinds of manufacturing facilities as well as prototype equipment and analytical equipment for evaluating prototypes. We also have technologies, knowledge, and know-how for using them.
In order for customers to make effective use of our technologies, we develop various products on a contract basis upon their request. For example, we can make improvements to customize our products, or add advanced functions or high value to raw materials provided with use of prototype equipment. We serve needs for different levels of prototyping ranging from small-scale prototyping at a laboratory level and medium-scale prototyping using prototype equipment to large-scale prototyping using manufacturing facilities as well as for short-term contracted manufacture.

Element technologies

Granulation and ion exchange are described below as an example of addition of high value and an example of customization of our products, respectively:


Just by making a powder product into granules, additional functions can be given to it.
(1) Reduce scattering of powder
(2) Improve ease of handling
Further functions can be added by mixing with other raw materials, adjusting adsorption or grain strength, or combining with a coating.
(3) Adjust the hardness (ease of crumbling)
(4) Adjust the solubility and dispersibility
(5) Prevent elution
(6) Prevent color transfer
(7) Reduce odor
We select appropriate manufacturing methods and prepare formulation plans based on your requests.

Ion exchange

Montmorillonite, which is the main component of bentonite, has cation exchange and its properties can be changed by changing the cation types. In addition, exchanging with certain ion species, different properties can be given to it.
(1) Adjust dispersibility in water
(2) Adjust the viscosity of aqueous dispersion.
(3) Change adsorption ability
(4) Support ions
We have been engaged in research and development of ion exchange clay using ion exchange columns for many years and have a medium-scale pilot facility.
Organically treated clay that can be dispersed in organic solvents can also be prepared by ion exchange treatment. Organically treated clay is included in our lineup of products. However, if those products cannot be used, we develop and provide prototypes of organically treated clay.

Major uses

Raw materials for cosmetics
Livestock feed
Toiletry products

If you want to add high value to existing products or make a scaled up prototype of a developed product, feel free to consult us.

Development flow

We carry out contracted development according to the following basic flow (it is not the case with short-term contracted manufacture):